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File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]03-21-14
One more thing, the micro button fo...
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One more thing, the micro button for the main menu doesn't show when you have a support ticket open.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]03-01-14
Minor things in 5.4.7
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Hi! I was wondering if an update was going to be released for 5.4.7 as we have a new Shop button in the character selection interface and the Menu microbutton has a little change as well. Mine is showing the little computer with the latency bar near the top left of the icon.
File: Reputation Bars02-10-14
I just did it myself. EDIT: Thi...
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I just did it myself. EDIT: This is what my UI looks like, just so you understand what's going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94nOPQ0km6g I have the Static Bars always showing as part of my regular UI. So when I enter a Pet Battle, the bars are right over the Pet Battle UI and button 1. But now they hide when I enter a...
File: Reputation Bars02-06-14
Hide during Pet Battles
Posted By: Turtledin
Hi! Any chance on making it hide during pet battles?
File: cargBags03-02-11
gBags/cargBags hideEmpty filter
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Hi guys, I'm not sure if this question should go here or not since I'm using gBags, but it has cargBags embedded. I'd like to make my main bag frame show only one row of empty slots instead of like... 30. Here's the line for hiding empty slots: local bagCol = 8; local hideEmpty = function(item) return item.texture ~= nil e...
File: Dominos02-22-11
Originally posted by creepy_inc I...
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Originally posted by creepy_inc Is there any way to swap profiles when I swap specs? Edit: Found this to be working, not only with Dominos: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/dualspec-profiles.aspx I don't know if there is a better option :p My Dominos actionbars change when I change specs... without hav...
File: Dominos02-22-11
Originally posted by Tuller The t...
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Originally posted by Tuller The totem bar currently has the flyouts (modifier + rightclick, or left click it). The main improvement I could make would be to add in the arrow button that the flyouts have. I just tried out the new totem bars... looks and works great now and the buttons now match my other actionbars lol. I was u...
File: Dominos02-18-11
Flyout Totem Bar Buttons
Posted By: Turtledin
Now that flyout buttons are available, any chance on making a totem bar with flyout totem buttons?
File: Prat 3.002-18-11
Re: changing the style of the chat tabs
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Originally posted by linguini i was wondering if we would be able to change the style of the chat tabs? the border, font, color, texture, etc. I would LOVE this... I've been looking for an addon or ANYTHING just for this lol
File: ShinyBuffs02-17-11
ShinyBuffs and ButtonFacade
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Hiya! Any chance you will make this compatible with ButtonFacade?