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File: MayronUI Gen508-03-13
Some issues
Posted By: muthaeer
Hey Man, great UI! I am using your UI and Loving it but I have couple issues, I will be happy if you can answer them. 1- I don't know if it is only me but grid incoming heals are not working at healer mode, didn't test it at DPS mode. Before latest version of your UI I was able to see who is receiving heal at grid. Also with...
File: FreeUI02-19-11
UnitFrame height
Posted By: muthaeer
Sorry if this has been asked before, I really tried to look at comments but it gets bigger and bigger :) I wonder how I can change the unitframe's (pet, player, focus and target) height ? I keep changing Health:SetHeight values at unitframes.lua but couldn't make it work. Also according to that I want to add a frame for target'...