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File: No Gryphons12-24-11
what about peter?
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? http://0.tqn.com/d/animatedtv/1/0/-/J/familyGuy_Peter_remote_72.jpg
File: oGlow05-15-11
Re: Re: OGlow NoGlow with arkinventory
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Originally posted by haste Other add-ons are outside the scope I have defined for oGlow. They can more cleanly and efficiently handle what oGlow does themselves. As far as I know ArkInventory already has a feature for this. If it doesn't I'd recommend you to ask the author of ArkInventory to implement it, as I won't be adding su...
File: qMinimap05-10-11
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enabling the calendar function would be great, even if its just "cal" in a corner somewhere, the only workaround ive been able to find is going into guild and clicking on an event, putting that function somewhere cleanly in the map would be a little more intuitive.
File: oGlow05-10-11
OGlow NoGlow with arkinventory
Posted By: bobpaulson
i guess the title says it all lol, Oglow works everywhere else in my UI with the exception of my bags and banks. Im wondering how/where i can get info to see if the conflict can be resolved :)