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File: oUF_Freeb02-27-11
Re: Re: ToT Debuffs.
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Originally posted by Freebaser starting around line 910, uncomment this --========================-- -- Target Target --========================-- targettarget = function(self, ...) func(self, ...) if auras then local debuffs = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, self) debu...
File: oUF_Freeb02-22-11
ToT Debuffs.
Posted By: henkuutti
im new with using Ouf and im abit lost, but is it a possible to remove debuffs from target of target, it's abit annyoing. But very nice looking frames! Thanks.
File: Glaceon UI02-22-11
Posted By: henkuutti
Very nice looking UI, i would definitely try it out if there is no problem with profiles etc... Hopefully you got it sorted out soon!:)