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File: SliceCommander03-10-11
I tried using it again, and this ti...
Posted By: Rhalg
I tried using it again, and this time forgot to disable Bartender 4. It worked this time. Does it have a dependancy on Bartender 4, or did you do an update and this was just a coincidence? btw, It's a great addon, thank you.
File: SliceCommander03-09-11
I tried entering /sc and the game g...
Posted By: Rhalg
I tried entering /sc and the game gave it's standard response when it does not recognize what you've entered. I looked through my chat log and it has no errors related to Slicecommander. This is the only addon I've seen that has exactly what my rogue needs, please help. :( EDIT: I tried again with no other addons enabled, sti...
File: SliceCommander02-23-11
Doesn't load.
Posted By: Rhalg
I am having problems getting the addon to load, so I made an account to ask for help. I downloaded the addon from Wowinterface and extracted the file from the zip, and moved it to my Addons folder. When I log in, the addon appears in my addons list on the character select screen, yet it doesn't load when I enter the game. All my o...