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File: oUF_Slim03-05-11
Re: Focus bar
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Originally posted by akumi Hi! I just discovered this layout and it seems awesome but I do /focus and nothing shows up and tried the shift+left click...i don't know what im doing wrong and can't find the focus frame :/ Hi, I use the Wow basic focus function : Escape > Key Bindings > Targeting Functions > FOCUS TARGET /focus...
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Re: Re: Hp, Name, Level text offset
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Thank you very much, worked perfectly. (Is there a simple way to keep the name of the target while casting a spell?) Last question I promise :)
File: oUF_Slim02-25-11
Hp, Name, Level text offset
Posted By: Avi_Illidan
Hi! First of all it's a very nice and clean UI you've got here, I like it a lot, especially the black and white buffs / debuffs made me install this UI. Sorry to bother you, but I have a config issue. I would like to offset the text of the add-on (Name, level, HP, Energy). I couldn't find it in the .lua files (i am not a pro a...