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File: Derevka UI04-16-11
Quick question
Posted By: Bourbonst
What is this window that shows up saying "no target". In the pics it says other things, maybe if I list out the text in each one of the screenshots someone can tell me what this window is and how to move, disable it. Screenshots: 1. "4: speak" 2. "4: Sevalt" 3. "No Target" <-- this is what I see right now 4. "5: Daemian" I...
File: Derevka UI02-26-11
Derevka, as always thanks for the l...
Posted By: Bourbonst
Derevka, as always thanks for the l33t ui! I just like in wrath, want to have babies with it. I am checking out Bati's as well just because you credited them with it, but I love this...seriously....perfect! I want to nomnomnom it! Thanks! Blog is awesome too, big fan for a long time!