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File: ViksUI07-20-16
Smaller errors in v7
Posted By: frohanss
As expected there was some errors, simply because i realy didn't play any on ptr or Beta. So i will post updates on Github when found and fixed. Download latest here: https://github.com/Viks/ViksUI/archive/master.zip Changelog: https://github.com/Viks/ViksUI/commits/master
File: ViksUI06-14-16
Nothing happens press Accept when i...
Posted By: frohanss
Nothing happens press Accept when i type /settings all Bliz just removed a setting from the game. Need to remove line 1342 in ViksUI\Core\WTF.lua SetCVar("ConversationMode", "inline") Gona push a update next few days and maybe just remove rest of the settings i know they are removing in legion.
File: ViksUI06-02-16
Legion version is up and running
Posted By: frohanss
Have gotten most parts up and running for Legion. Haven't gotten to play much, so a lot is untested. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23975-ViksUI.html
File: ViksUI05-13-16
Re: Now what?
Posted By: frohanss
https://gyazo.com/344051f11a95d71274550848f15d5fff Note from UI info: "This UI is tweaked for 1920x1080" From the looks of it, you are using smaler resolution. So you need to scale elements down yourself (Chat, skada and bartender) to mach your resolution. Some i know moves skada to different place.
File: ViksUI04-08-16
Re: Consolidate Buffs
Posted By: frohanss
How can I "activate" Consolidate Buffs from the Blizzard Interface menu?. It's always off after logout/login and reload of the ui. And how can I add Spells to Filger? Consolidate Buffs are turned off on each login. Must be changed in ViksUI\Main\Log.lua Remove both SetCVar("consolidateBuffs",0) If you need add a spell in Fil...
File: ViksUI03-23-16
Re: Error with latest update
Posted By: frohanss
Hi Fro just wanted to let you know what i am seeing when trying to make new toon after latest update: 1x ViksUI\Core\Launch.lua:20: Couldn't find CVar named 'ConversationMode' : in function `SetCVar' ViksUI\Core\Launch.lua:20: in function `OnAccept' FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:4090: in function `StaticPopup_OnClick' :1: in func...
File: ViksUI02-15-16
Filger Icons Open file: ViksUI\Con...
Posted By: frohanss
Filger Icons Open file: ViksUI\Config\Spells.lua Around line 2915 under Warlock - T_Debuff_Icon section, add: -- Flamelicked (Fragment of the Dark Star) {spellID = 185229, unitID = "target", caster = "player", filter = "DEBUFF"}, Can't test it, but should work.
File: ViksUI02-14-16
Re: Classtrinket Destru WL
Posted By: frohanss
Hi, Thanks for the great UI. I'va a problem with the debufftracker for targets. how can i manage this? Spell ID: 185229 You whant to track it on classbars? or filger icons?
File: ViksUI02-06-16
Re: hello
Posted By: frohanss
well there were not attended to get u annoyed. but otherwice i have to post a screenshot id what u posted could not help Patient always goes a long way. If turning off that option didn't solv it, then it's not this addon. Turn off absolutely all other addons before and make 100% sure it's my addon that is the source of t...
File: ViksUI02-06-16
Re: Re: when i quest
Posted By: frohanss
When i quest sometimes a map popup appears with option to disable fog of war. But is there anything i can do to disable that map with some option to make it dissapear as its messing up my gametime!! well you who have done the ui have u no reply to this as the map popup appears every now and then without me doing anything...
File: ViksUI12-23-15
Re: Please Help....
Posted By: frohanss
First I have to say I love your UI. I love how clean and crisp it looks. But I am dummy took me two whole days to find where I can watch my quests lol. Blonde girl right here. :D:D Anyway I would like to make the chat boxes a little larger is there a way to do that? And how do I move the pet battle bar also? Thank you in...
File: ViksUI12-20-15
Sorting raid frames
Posted By: frohanss
So, i was asked in a PM on how to change sorting order for raid frames. By default it's grouping by raid group. Question was how to change it into Tank-Healer-Dps Atm, there is no "easy" way and require some file editing. Inside: ViksUI\UnitFrames\core.lua the raidframes are spawned from line 757 to 881 There are different ra...
File: ViksUI12-11-15
Re: Quick question about nameplates
Posted By: frohanss
Frohanss just wondering if you were available to give a little advice, how would I go about changing the color of the name text on the ViksUI nameplates to just be white letters all the time? I like how the plates themselves are colored, just trying to change the color of the name. I figured out how to change the font already to so...
File: ViksUI09-03-15
Re: Error showing with new patch
Posted By: frohanss
Started getting this error after patching: 7x ViksUI\Modules\Skins\Blizzard\Help.lua:51: attempt to index global 'HelpFrameTicketScrollFrame' (a nil value) ViksUI\Modules\Skins\Blizzard\Help.lua:51: in function `skinfunc' ViksUI\Core\Functions.lua:497: in function Locals: self = {...
File: ViksUI08-16-15
Hey, I have a problem seen below...
Posted By: frohanss
Hey, I have a problem seen below: I do not know what this bar is for. And even worse, I do not know how to disable this as it is on the display of my shadow orbs. I tried everything to deacivate it, but without success :( Greets Max Is it like that always? Can you type /fstack then hover mouse over the bar and post a...
File: ViksUI06-23-15
Hey I love the blue layout! Plea...
Posted By: frohanss
Hey I love the blue layout! Please don't change it, it's so nice and unique :) Or if you want to change it , please make an option for the color to set the way you want it. I would do a few comments... Would it be possible to incorporate an option to buffs or debuffs write itself ? I noticed that a couple of buffs/debuffs a...
File: ViksUI06-10-15
Anyone changes the color / layout s...
Posted By: frohanss
Anyone changes the color / layout some? Here is a simple 2 changes. http://s.cdn.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw65417.jpg And yes, it's from ptr. 6.2 have a few changes that breaks ui and not compatible on 6.1x.
File: ViksUI04-18-15
Re: Error
Posted By: frohanss
Hey Frohanss, just wondering if you have ever encountered this error: 1x AddOn 'ViksUI' tried to call the protected function 'SetBinding()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:589: in function : in function `SetBinding' ...rfaceViksUI\Modules\Automation\TabBinder.lua:70: in function <...rfaceViksUI\Mod...
File: ViksUI04-18-15
Hi, first of all thanks for that...
Posted By: frohanss
Hi, first of all thanks for that great interface. love it really. Just have 1 question, how can i change the Raid Style like this: http://s.cdn.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw57037.jpg thanks a lot This is a realy old pic (MOP beta), and was the second raid frames. It's still in there but haven't been used for a while so ca...
File: ViksUI03-31-15
Re: cant get it to look the way u do with BT!!
Posted By: frohanss
u didnt add ur bt saved variables so cant get them set up the way it looks in that picture i did everything posted but ur uploaded file only has interface folder it doesnt have the wtf one Doesn't use WTF folder. It's all there on the info :) /settings msbt - Type /settings msbt, to apply the settings MSBT. /settings dbm - T...
File: ViksUI03-20-15
can u help me maybe? i dont know wh...
Posted By: frohanss
can u help me maybe? i dont know why only with my defwarri the action bar of bartender 1 and 8 are the same? if i put a skill in bar 1, the same goes in bar 8 and if i remove, bar 1 and bar 2 skill goes away All classes with bar switching should adjust bartender settings. Type /bt then under Bar 1, look under state configuration....
File: ViksUI03-14-15
Re: size
Posted By: frohanss
how can i change the scale of the bags?? BTW on 1920x1200 and LOVE this UI also if i add Postal and critline to the UI will it break? Under config -> Bag -> Button Size Should work just fine with most addons
File: ViksUI02-27-15
Update for 6.1
Posted By: frohanss
Been away for about 2 months now and made a quick update for 6.1 with spells and raiddebuff been main fokus atm. Have limited time atm so no huge update inc asap. Having some problems with testing all raid stuff out since im no longer in raiding guild, and the raid finder i don't have patience to use. So if i get invite to m8t's r...
File: ViksUI12-16-14
Re: Optional Quest Gossip Skip, Auto Accept, Turn-in
Posted By: frohanss
Since i realy don't respond kindly to peoples demanding stuff from me im gona keep it simple. I understand people want to be proficient and speed through things especially when questing, But I on the other hand like to take my time to read things. And I know you put in the option to Shift-Click to read but I would rather not try to...
File: ViksUI12-15-14
Re: Re: Re: debuffs raid frames
Posted By: frohanss
hey, great compilation prolly the best out there everything runs smoothly but i also cant see debuffs at raid frames (5man, raids, not even proving grounds) no other addons used tryed unistall install again and reset also unticked and ticked many fields at config that may conflict thanks for any help :confused: Give me...