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File: oUF Abu01-03-15
Soon home noe so i'll look into it...
Posted By: Herzz
Soon home noe so i'll look into it then. Oh, and Happy new year :) But I'm wondering, what do you mean with support for those cooldown addons? Being able to change the numeric display of the duration of buffs and debuffs, personally I don't like seeing decimals or even the red colored portraittimers, mostly because I got used to p...
File: oUF Abu12-28-14
Thanks for your help. :) Is it p...
Posted By: Herzz
Thanks for your help. :) Is it possible to make the player's (me) buffs and debuffs larger than buffs and debuffs casted by other players like on the default unitframes? And for purgeable buffs too if possible. :) And thanks for working on supporting tullacc, let me know when it's implemented if possible :) guess I'll use omnic...
File: oUF Abu12-23-14
target buffs/debuffs size
Posted By: Herzz
Hello. Love your addon ;) would like to know if theres's any way to increase the size of the target's buffs and debuffs. For example the focus frame buffs and debuffs are bigger than the target's buffs and debuffs (which are tiny for me btw). Also I noticed your addon lets omnicc take over when it comes to auras, is it possible to...
File: ShardWatch04-02-11
vertical sw
Posted By: Herzz
Is it possible to change the soulshards to vertical instead of horizontal? Just to fit my UI nicely because like this it doesn't fit in very well :(
File: SuperClassic03-11-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Party frames problems
Posted By: Herzz
Originally posted by Wildbreath i about a default UI frames. if you check default interface options you can found a "party frames like raid frames" or something (dont remember) - maybe it? (my english is poor but i trying :D) nope, I didnt check that option since I dont like the raid frames anyway :D
File: SuperClassic03-10-11
Re: Re: Party frames problems
Posted By: Herzz
Originally posted by Wildbreath hmm, strange. do you like use a raid-type party frames (like grid)? nope, I don't have any raid frames (only default)
File: SuperClassic03-06-11
Party frames problems
Posted By: Herzz
Hi dude, thanks for the awesome UI However I cant move party members frames :( only party member frame 1, the others I cant move using /mf command, it simply doesn't affect them :S. I would be rly thankful if you can help asap since i'm doing a lot of arenas lately and I need party frames placed near each other