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File: MetaMap03-07-15
Make the map larger?
Posted By: Azaram
Any chance of being able to make the map larger? Right now, the options are 'tiny' and 'original'. Even with the scale at max, it's only about the size of a paperback on my screen. What I want is a full-sized world map that fills the whole screen like the original, but that still allows me to move, unlike the original.
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window01-20-11
Originally posted by DSTring Im n...
Posted By: Azaram
Originally posted by DSTring Im not able to link recipes in chat when using this addon ( shift+click on recipe into chat ) can you plz fix it A fix for it; open up atsw.lua and replace all instances of ChatFrameEditBox with ChatFrame1EditBox . May want to make a backup just in case, but I just did it and it worked. Fo...
File: MoveAnything10-22-10
Originally posted by Aalwein Loca...
Posted By: Azaram
Originally posted by Aalwein Located an error in conjunction with Auctioneer. It occurs when you hover over an inventory item if you have moved the tooltip anchor. Date: 2010-10-21 20:33:54 ID: -2 Error occured in: Global Count: 7 Message: ...AddOns\Auc-Advanced\Libs\LibExtraTip\LibExtraTip.lua line 1173: attempt to inde...
File: QuestHelper10-24-08
Slings and arrows
Posted By: Azaram
I'm getting the same problem Arkive was reporting, I think. It's being extremely pushy about arrows. I turn it off, I toodle along, and a couple of minutes later here's the arrow again. I used the options for both tomtom and cartographer to turn them off, but apparently it really likes arrows.
File: FreeRefills08-07-08
Re: Re: Profile?
Posted By: Azaram
Originally posted by Adremma In the name of better late than never, I took a moment to play with the syntax; it wants "/fr profile choose char". Don't substitute char with your character's name, that's the exact command. As an alternative, I was able to bring up the mod in the Ace2 addon preferences dialog, and set the profile t...
File: Bongos306-02-08
Midget minimap.
Posted By: Azaram
Hopefully something for the very near future... I miss my massive minimap. Can't resize it with 3, so I'll wait for now...
File: LightHeaded05-25-08
Feature request; start collapsed.
Posted By: Azaram
Would it be possible to add an option to have it start closed? It causes some lag when opening, as it loads the text. Is not a huge problem, but would be nice.
File: LightHeaded04-04-08
Problem with BEQL?
Posted By: Azaram
I'm getting "Interface\addons\beql\questlog.lua:383:attempt to call method 'QuestLogTitleButton_On_Click' (A nil value)" when I click on any quest in BEQL (Bayi's Extended Quest Log). It works fine if I disable Lightheaded. Any ideas? It did work previously... and now I kind of miss it. :-p
File: LightHeaded02-15-08
No Wowhead content?
Posted By: Azaram
I've been having a problem where Lightheaded opens but has nothing at all in it. If I reinstall it, it comes back for a little while, then is gone again. The debug messages say it's loading whatever H##_Data file is appropriate, but that's it. Whenever I click on a quest, there's a long (>1 second) pause. I was using EQL3, then nqu...
File: FreeRefills12-01-07
Posted By: Azaram
How does one set up a profile? My hunter and warlock keep ending up with all my druid's reagents on him. Tried /fr profile (Warlock's name) but it says that isn't a valid profile.