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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Nothing more than what I said. And you're unable to make the next logical step yourself? Sorry to ask, but what is your graduation? Like, have you finished elementary school? And what is unclear in that message for you? You were resting and your client spotted that mob - obviously, it was some...
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon I'm not sure what you want said with that, I know he's tameable. What I meant was that I get a message that is something like "the following pets were cached while resting" when I'm not even in the zone.
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Trying to get Skoll from Storm Peaks, and it doesn't say it's cached when I clean cache etc. But then suddently when I log on, it says that Skoll is cached, does this mean someone else got to him or what? Cus I'm using a /Tar Skoll macro too and he wasn't cached when I logged off.
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Any way I can remove them? I hate seeing them, and I've disabled them in Blizz standard UI but they're still there. Can I remove the section from the LUA completely?
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Re: Re: Color of the bars
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Originally posted by danltiger Try The Gimp... http://www.gimp.org/ It's a bit different from Photoshop, but it has much more intuitive handling of TGAs with transparency/alpha. Hi and thx for the tip (and the extremly quick reply)! Works like a charm so now I've got the perfect neon-version I want! Changed the x-grid on the...
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Color of the bars
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Hi there, love the addon! I'm having problems changing the alpha channels (Using photoshop CS5) because no matter how I do it just saves it as an image that blocks the healthbar. I'm using Neon and Quatre atm, but I think the colors of the classes are too bright/weak. I want to intensify them but since I can't seem to change the R...