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File: RealUI09-21-12
Posted By: nickstaroba
I'm not using the full UI but I installed nibIceHUD (with nibIceHUD_Options and nibLibs) and I have it working...sort of. On my shadow priest I can see the appropriate bars for DoTs and the cast bar. On my prot warrior all I see is the cast bar. Nothing for Weakened Blows. Nothing for Weakened Armor. I can see the module for...
File: nibRunes09-16-12
Great! Thanks for the update :)
Posted By: nickstaroba
Great! Thanks for the update :)
File: RealUI09-08-12
Posted By: nickstaroba
Any possibility of getting nibRunes stand-alone add-on updated? I love this for my DK. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19525-nibRunes.html
File: RealUI09-01-12
Weakened Blows
Posted By: nickstaroba
Anyone know how to turn off the IceHud Weakened Blows debuff tracker? Just want to disable it until it's working properly. Thanks
File: RealUI08-31-12
The new Masterlooting system is cur...
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The new Masterlooting system is currently not supported by RealUI. Please fix this as first thing. As being a raid leader, I really can't afford to disable all addons every single boss kill. Something I've been doing thus far. AFAIK, the master looting system is completely FUBAR'd on Blizzard's end. We couldn't get it to work c...
File: RealUI08-30-12
Okay, I think I may have figured th...
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Okay, I think I may have figured this out. Using /fstack I can see that the MainMenuBar frame is present at medium strata level in the bottom center of the screen. It does not overlap the Infoline frames on my large display but at smaller resolutions (i.e. narrower) it must be intercepting mouse events. Are you guys sure it's no...
File: RealUI08-29-12
Prot Warrior and Weakened Blows
Posted By: nickstaroba
The Icehud bar for Weakened Blows acts kinda funky. It works fine when the debuff is applied but when it falls off, it shows WB 0 and stays for a while. Then it'll disappear for a few seconds and come back and stay even after leaving combat. This UI is awesome. Thanks for updating it Gethe.
File: RealUI08-26-12
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Gethe, Peerly, will you be releasing this UI as a fan update/continuation here on WoWInterface? I'm sure nib would give his consent if you can get in touch with him. This is a life saver - I've been hacking what I could save of the old RealUI out and inserting it into my own UI in preperation. ^^ ^^ This...so much. I just fo...
File: Caith UI03-10-11
Originally posted by stonedform H...
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Originally posted by stonedform Hey Caith, I had a weird crash the other day that somehow managed to reset all my addons and remove their profiles, so I installed your latest version. One very strange error is happening, I cannot look at my map. I press m, and get the following error: Date: 2011-03-10 15:17:30 ID: 4 Error occu...