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File: TransporterFu01-01-07
Originally posted by hiisi I saw...
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Originally posted by hiisi I saw that you updated your InnboundFu addon and was hoping to hear from you that you plan on updating TransporterFu as well. It is an awesome addon. Yes, I will be updating TransporterFu. It is the most difficult of my addons to convert to WoW 2.0 though, so I've been saving it until last. I don't hav...
File: TransporterFu06-10-06
Re: Feature Request
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Originally posted by SaberHawke Can you make it where the portals are castable from the tooltip without setting method first. I would like to be able to click on FuBar to Hearth and select a portal from tooltip so I don't have to keep changing them when I am in the mood to sell portals. :) I know feature requests don't go here...
File: ItemBonusesFu06-05-06
Re: Shadow Damage + Spell Damage?
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Originally posted by Golgor shouldnt it be: Shadow damage + Spell damage Probably. But that's not my doing. This plugin just displays the info presented to it by BonusScanner (or cgBonusScanner). I recommend making this suggestion to one of those addons.
File: ItemBonusesFu06-02-06
Re: No tooltip showing?
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Originally posted by Jayhawk It seems there was something wrong with BonusScanner. It works fine with cgBonusScanner. Weird... Yes, I've had this report a couple times now. For me both versions of BonusScanner work, but for some people one or the other causes the tooltips not to work. I haven't figured this out yet.
File: ItemBonusesFu05-20-06
Originally posted by kopl ...terf...
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Originally posted by kopl ...terface\addons\fubar_itemBonusesfu\itemBonusesfu.lua:198: bad argument #1 to 'concat' (table contains non-strings) ... Am I missing something? Nope, what you have there is a genuine bug. I've reproduced it and am working on a fix. In future please use the "bugs" button up by the download button...
File: ItemBonusesFu05-19-06
Originally posted by Nallamir any...
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Originally posted by Nallamir any chance that the priests +heal from their spirit will be included into the calculations? Really missing that one, makes it pretty useless. Yeah, not to come off sounding sarcastic, but the name of the plugin is ItemBonusesFu. As in it displays bonuses from items. Not talents. Additionally it...
File: RecapFu05-18-06
Re: Re: Bug
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Originally posted by Thorlin Same problem here, defaults back to original settings. People, I don't mean to be an @$$ but there is a "Bugs" button right under the big "Download" button right up near the top of the page. Please use it. I don't read these comments very often, and when I do I'm at work. By the time I get home I co...
File: ItemBonusesFu05-18-06
Re: BonusScanner Update
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Originally posted by chuckg not sure if you want to trying including spell penetration into the next release of ItemBonuses. Yeah, I noticed your updated BonusScanner yesterday. I'm going to hopefully mess around with using it and adding spell penetration to ItemBonusesFu this weekend. :)
File: InnBoundFu04-13-06
Re: Is Innbound Fu a subset of TransporterFu?
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Originally posted by Tupsi isnt that just a striped down version of your TransporterFu plugin? InnBound was my inspiration to create Transporter. So its more accurate to say that Innbound is Transporters predecessor. From that perspective you could say that Transporter is an enhanced version of InnBound. Or yes, InnBound is a st...
File: TransporterFu04-05-06
Re: D/L Link...
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Originally posted by OttoDeFe Hmph - link keeps giving me 0.2... Doh! I made the same mistake when I was updating ItemBonuses. I've reposted the new zip file, hopefully it takes this time.
File: TransporterFu04-05-06
Re: French localization + mods
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Cool, when you get the chance just PM me the new code and localization, or post it here, whatever. I've majorly rewritten Transporter since the last official release, so I'll have to merge your new code in. Shouldn't be much of a problem though if I understand what you've done correctly.
File: TransporterFu04-03-06
Re: By the way
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Originally posted by Kraal Your addon is great, thank you a lot ! :-) Thanks. The next version should be much, much better. Once I get the last of the current known bugs worked out. I'm almost there. And yes, as you discovered the Spell ID's can change quite frequently sometimes, so I had no other choice but do it this way....
File: TransporterFu04-02-06
Originally posted by Kraal I'm tr...
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Originally posted by Kraal I'm trying to localize this mod for french, but I am facing a few issues : 1) using a BossPanel_TransporterLocals-frFR.lua file doesn't seem to work (it is simply ignored) Did you edit the .toc and add a line for list BossPanel_TransporterLocals-frFR.lua above BossPanel_TransporterLocals.lua ? Tha...
File: TransporterFu03-20-06
Originally posted by Lewzephyr I...
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Originally posted by Lewzephyr I noticed the lack of the PvP trinket that ports you back to the main base Actually that isn't in there, I had forgotten about it (I don't PvP much). I'll add it to list of things to add. Thanks!
File: FuBar - RegenFu03-16-06
I had this and Speed on my TODO lis...
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I had this and Speed on my TODO list to port to BossPanel. Thanks to you I now have more time to play the game instead! :)