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File: xanShadowBurn08-18-13
Thank you for this, awesome somethi...
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Thank you for this, awesome something i've been looking for awhile now
File: Criminal07-25-11
FIX 4.2
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I've got this to work with the following Line 9: local LOCKED_SKILL = string.gsub(ERR_USE_LOCKED_WITH_SPELL_KNOWN_SI, '%%s %%d', string.format('%s', GetSpellInfo(1810)).." %(.*%)") old cold had format options all wrong due to the percent signs
File: Doom_CooldownPulse06-29-11
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function DCP:COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED(...) local _,event,_,_,sourceFlags,_,_,_,_,spellID = ... if (event == "SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS") then Locate Line... 178 replace with local _,event,_,_,_,sourceFlags,_,_,_,_,_,spellID = ...
File: MacroBank04-06-11
This is probably the most exciting...
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This is probably the most exciting Addon i can think of that has to do with Macros... not only can this help limit macros with /cast ability1 /cast ability2 Because you can sort them in Category's and just load them for whatever spec you want..Im a hunter and i switch between specs for different things