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File: Raid UI05-23-11
reflux doesnt load anything... and...
Posted By: realeXus
reflux doesnt load anything... and the first thing i see.. is a lua error -.- still doesnt work
File: Raid UI05-18-11
sorry bro.. but this is horrible :>...
Posted By: realeXus
sorry bro.. but this is horrible :> http://www.pic-upload.de/view-10003975/WoWScrnShot_051811_180713.jpg.html i did everything written in the discription.. but it still doesn't work. its 1600x1200 /reflux switch cleanui doesnt do anything. it just reloads the UI :S and pls delete your login adress, servername and clie...
File: Raid UI05-08-11
this is rly buggy isnt it? i instal...
Posted By: realeXus
this is rly buggy isnt it? i install it and when i log in, this happens : http://www.pic-upload.de/view-9876939/WoWScrnShot_050811_090314.jpg.html i mean... this is a completely different ui o.O
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns03-18-11
I want to see recuperate and shadow...
Posted By: realeXus
I want to see recuperate and shadowdance.. but it is impossible to show only these two buffs.
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns03-17-11
addon bug!
Posted By: realeXus
is this addon bugged? it is impossible to filter my buffs or debuffs... i write the name of debuffs into the field and press okay, but it doesnt work... i amvery,very dissapointed