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File: nMainbar07-25-11
Found 2 missings in this addon. Fir...
Posted By: paradox68
Found 2 missings in this addon. First, i couldn't find how to check my latency with this addon's menu. Second is, bars doesnt replace with hided bars. I hided my left bottom bar and right bottom bar still stays its original place and it looks bad. If you can adjust those it would be awesome.
File: Tidy Bar07-14-11
Hi, There's a problem on Corner Bag...
Posted By: paradox68
Hi, There's a problem on Corner Bag Frame. That sign shows Latency and Addons doesn't shows properly. It's out of screen. I'm using 1080p monitor. Could you adjust it or tell me how can i adjust place of frames. And one more question, is there any way to change stance bar position? Thanks
File: Tidy Bar07-04-11
This unofficial update doesn't work...
Posted By: paradox68
This unofficial update doesn't works. Please Author of Addon. Update addon to 4.2 asap. Thanks
File: FluidFrames04-06-11
Target's of Target frame is bugging...
Posted By: paradox68
Target's of Target frame is bugging when i move it mate. Could you fix it next time? Its awesome addon with low mem using but that target's of target thing messes with this addon ^^ Thanks
File: Oversight03-23-11
Hey mate, could you tell me a way t...
Posted By: paradox68
Hey mate, could you tell me a way to add necessary buff/debuff to track on portraits. My buff/debuff frame is empty atm and it could take soo long if i look what i need one by one. What could i do for that? Thanks.
File: PortraitTimers03-23-11
That works now thanks. That was bec...
Posted By: paradox68
That works now thanks. That was becouse of losecontrol i think, when i disabled it, it shows everything well. Thanks.
File: PortraitTimers03-21-11
Support for Oversight
Posted By: paradox68
Could you add support for Oversight add-on? Actually i didn't check it if it works but you didn't wrote there Oversight supported. It would be awesome if you could add Oversight support for tracking CCs on enemy and friendly frames. Thanks very much.