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File: SpartanUI09-21-12
Display Pets grayed out
Posted By: Anarric
I dont know why, but under Party Frames > Display Options, Display Pets is grayed out and is check marked. I know it said in 3.1 more party frames will be coming, if this is a featue coming with 3.1 I can wait and "fix" it that way :) Also, I'm not sure if this is brought on by Spartan or by something else, but the default Blizzard C...
File: SpartanUI03-22-11
You did a really good job Zilver. I...
Posted By: Anarric
You did a really good job Zilver. I've been tempted to learn how to do WoW addons, I'm pretty good at C++, HTML, Java and a few others, but never looked into XML or Lua. I may take you up on your offer to keep this wonderful UI alive :)
File: SpartanUI03-21-11
CastBar Question
Posted By: Anarric
I'm currently using Quartz addon for Target CastBars (I play an enhance shaman and 90% of the time I'm on interupt duty ><) The Target CastBar is fine. My Question is, how can I turn On the Blizzard Cast Bar? I want to turn SpartanUI AND uOF CastBars OFF! I perfer the Blizzard castbar because its in the middle of my screen and in...