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File: NugRunning01-24-13
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Is there anyway to disable multitargeting? I have low screen resolution and things are getting messy when I dot more than 3 mobs :O
File: rChat01-22-13
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Little question here, how can I place Editbox from to to the Bottom, havent found the solution yet, and is there any way to enable class colors? :)
File: Skaarj UI10-09-12
litestats setting is ; Guild =...
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litestats setting is ; Guild = { enabled = true, fmt = "%d", -- "G:5" (add another %d for total guild members value) maxguild = nil, -- Set max members listed, nil means no limit. Alt-key reveals hidden members. threshold = 1, -- Minimum level displayed (1-80). sorting = "class", -- Default roster sorting:...
File: xCT10-07-12
About Devouring Plague
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Hi, first of all I love this CT addon, just had one problem with it, I am playing shadow priest and my Devouring Plague show's it's healing in Outgoing Damage "box" and in Incoming Healing ( Havent seen yet is that IC or OC) "box" , and same thing goes for Touch of the Grave, is there any way to make exception to those spells to sho...