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File: Market Watcher05-29-11
Found a bug, I think (I hope this wasn't done intentionally)
Posted By: Krik
Found an annoying bug. If you disable the mod (under addons in the character selection screen) it erases all settings, that's all items you have added and all recorded scans, everything was gone. It took me several hours to add the items back in and of course the lost months of scan data is very annoying. Should note your mod n...
File: Market Watcher03-31-11
Posted By: Krik
First I like your mod. It allows me to track short and long term market trends allowing me to make informed decisions on what price to buy at and the price I should then sell at. I did want to suggest one addition. It would be nice to be able to add notes for each item I have listed for scanning. Currently I have a notebook sittin...