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File: Chronometer06-27-07
Re: Re: Druid suggestion: Lifebloom clarity
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Originally posted by bigity That being said, I don't recall if Chronometer indicates the stack count or not, that would be somewhat useful. Agreed. That's all I can think of for Chron to improve. Showing that I have the 3 lifeblooms going would be amazingly valuable when I'm trying to stack on multiple targets.
File: PerfectRaid11-14-06
Just to update we fixed it thusly:...
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Just to update we fixed it thusly: New post Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 9:05 am YAY!!! So here was the deal. The 0.7.5 beta from Wowinterface is missing some files. So is the latest update on Wowace.wiki. What I did was delete the Perfectraid folder and install the second to last version. This one had about 5 other folders wit...
File: PerfectRaid11-13-06
error with warrior mods?
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Hi, Cladhaire, reposting here for a warrior in my guild. I'm the one pushing everybody to get praid and oRA2 so I get the questions. Ah, the life of a mod pusher. So, without further ado since I know you're too busy and I've already wasted precious time: So I have been playing around with perfect raid and oRA2 since everyone speak...