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File: TomTom02-28-11
Apologies my description was poor,...
Posted By: Choonks
Apologies my description was poor, but whatever you changed does indeed seem to have fixed it, thank you! FYI, when on the Maelstrom map the dropdowns now say The Maelstrom and Custom for Continent and Zone respectively as opposed to being blank.
File: TomTom02-26-11
Maelstrom Map issue
Posted By: Choonks
Bit of a weird one, for some reason if i go to the map for The Maelstrom it kills my framerate and i cannot click anything or change the map again without closing it and starting over. Also the dropdowns for Continent and Zone are blank. I have disabled every other addon and it still happens so i'm pretty confident it is TomTom, i'm...
File: Bongos202-05-07
Originally posted by GoE Dunno if...
Posted By: Choonks
Originally posted by GoE Dunno if it's just this version (checking older ones as I write this) - but whenever I reload with the new one, my menu and bag bar always go to the top left corner, even though the placeholders are in the bottom right. Edit: Same problem with older versions.. anyone know what causes it? No idea wh...
File: Ludwig09-02-06
Hey there, great addon.. so much fa...
Posted By: Choonks
Hey there, great addon.. so much faster and less memory intensive than lootlink. One thing though - would it be possible to get a keybinding option so that i can bind it to something instead of having to type "/lw" to open the window?