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File: RealUI11-08-12
Icehud bug?
Posted By: Quingar
OK guys I was able to fix those debuff icons so they are showing now as they should. So Raven looks fixed. But RealUI ICEhud is still not working. Moonfire debuff bar is not showing when I cast a spell on some target. Could you help pls ? Thank you Have a nice day Quin
File: RealUI11-07-12
Raven and IceHUD
Posted By: Quingar
Hello guys I returned to WoW after a pause. I isntalled my favourite UI -> Real UI But I see a problem. I can not see debuff icons on targets like moonfire. And Raven does not show me the timer for moonfire too. This is just first findigs as I decided to start a new main. Could you help me pls where is the problem...
File: RealUI07-28-11
Satrin buff frames and remove a spell
Posted By: Quingar
Hello I am using Real ui for som time and I like it. I want to ask you how can I remove spell in Satrina buff frames ? For example I am a priest and want to remove a Chakra stance so I am trying to doble-click on that spell in upper left corner and nothing. Or I am trying to click with left mouse button and again nothing....
File: RealUI04-05-11
I came back to wow after 3 months p...
Posted By: Quingar
I came back to wow after 3 months pause. I really love your UI is superb. But I have a little problem. On my main hunter, quests are showing on world map, when I press M button. I mean I see the numbers for each quest and location where I have to go. But I started to play my paladin alt (lvl 70) and I am doing quests in How...