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File: MikScrollingBattleText (MoP Beta)07-20-12
Thanks ALOT!!!!!!!!
Posted By: xxoblivion1996xx
Now since I downloaded this the game runs so much smoothly...
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-11-12
Update for MoP Beta
Posted By: xxoblivion1996xx
Wow.... everyone is wanting it updated now... I really don't know anyway I could all buffs tracked as good as this addon.... I mean I probably could get WeakAuras and get someone to make a string to stack EVERY SINGLE ........ LAST BUFF.... but that's to overwhelming to do all that work I would think. Please update addon plss =p
File: Nice Damage (font)08-29-11
Someone help me it doesn't work wit...
Posted By: xxoblivion1996xx
Someone help me it doesn't work with me I got patch 4.2, I just don't think is updated for 4.2 though because I remember I went on a 3.3.5 Server and it works perfectly.
File: WoW UI Designer07-11-11
Posted By: xxoblivion1996xx
Can someone make a well explained video on youtube on this cause i tried tut and I learned some things but it still doesn't work for me. It shows in game addon list but not really in game.