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File: FreeUI04-27-11
Problem group invites?
Posted By: little726
Been having a problem recently where my friends send me group invites and I cannot accept them. They'll send an invite... it get's accepted automatically (AWESOME!!:banana:), then it drops the party immediately after. Anyone else's doing this? I had to revert back to the last version in order to fix this for me... :(
File: FreeUI04-19-11
What program are you guys using to...
Posted By: little726
What program are you guys using to open the options.lua?
File: FreeUI04-17-11
Posted By: little726
Is there an ingame slash command to reach the options for the ui? I don't understand the !FreeUI/script/options thing... If not how do you access the config file? Is there a youtube video or something similar to help demonstrate features and configurations? Sorry I'm a noob... lol:confused: