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File: EoUI09-08-12
I'd like to know why I get this, be...
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I'd like to know why I get this, been using this UI for a long time. First time I get this. Edit: It seems that by using this updated UI package it changed my EU client to NA one somehow... so now I can't logg in. ( You can tell by the age suggestion at the bottom corner it should read pegi. ) Edit2: If some1 else encounters th...
File: EoUI08-29-12
Greetings, Waiting with big anti...
Posted By: Naukkis
Greetings, Waiting with big anticipation for the update, still using this. All the best for your school year!
File: EoUI05-13-12
Ok, so here's a few things i've fou...
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Ok, so here's a few things i've found being a nuisance, on my paladin when i click people in grid, it doesn't target them, also it doesn't save my keybinds so i need to bind actionbars and all the general keybinds as in achievement frame, guild etc. Edit: Seems to be ctrl+mouse1 to choose the person.. which is dumb, no clue where...
File: EoUI05-12-12
Nice update, I shall config it to 1...
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Nice update, I shall config it to 1920x1080. I'll try to post some sort of image after. Edit: Picture added. http://puu.sh/uotf Thanks, developer. P.S, Doesn't seem to work on Recruit a friend account, for some reason.
File: EoUI10-27-11
hehe the default raid frame was ope...
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hehe the default raid frame was open by accident actually :P i dont like to keep it on either. Alright, i'll give that a try.
File: EoUI10-25-11
Just to help other people, Runn...
Posted By: Naukkis
Just to help other people, Running 1920x1080, Works great for me, didn't have to tweak much and i altered it a bit as well. Cheers for uploader. (ps. thanks for answering to my previous questions.) http://puu.sh/7zuM
File: EoUI10-22-11
Thanks and a question.
Posted By: Naukkis
So, Very nice UI overall, very clean and smooth. Im running 1920x1080 and thinks work great, just 3 tiny issues id like to ask you about. What is the command for the AI art and how can i make the date next to the map stop moving around, (the lock doesn't appear to have an effect on that). And how do i config the grid, i cant...
File: DrGlenn's Aion UI04-21-11
Hello, Cheers for the UI, workin...
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Hello, Cheers for the UI, working great. I'm running 1440x900 and i scaled it with no sweat. Heres a quick Screenie for those who might be running similar resolutions; http://i.imgur.com/7TvhQ.jpg