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File: Dailies Quest Tracker02-10-09
Possible fix to chat deformat errors
Posted By: Arzach
Seems that everything is fixed if you do these changes to the file "DailiesQuestTracker.lua" Change from: function Dailies:AddMessage(frame, chatmsg, ...) local QuestAccepted = Deformat(chatmsg, ERR_QUEST_ACCEPTED_S) local QuestCompleted = Deformat(chatmsg, ERR_QUEST_COMPLETE_S) to: function Dailies:AddMessage(frame, chat...
File: Vindictive DKP Table10-27-08
Interesting, but...
Posted By: Arzach
Nice try to update the evergreen DKP Table. However I'd like to give some suggestions and requests: 1) check Dimanoid's version, it was a BIT ahead of what you used as a start 2) add back the filtering section, it's really useful 3) add an "unknown" class, some DKP admins are SO lazy that some ppl find themselves in "unkn...
File: PlayerRating01-23-07
error when using custom channel
Posted By: Arzach
Yo, ty for the great addon, but... I post this 'cuz I had a similar issue. PlayerRating is joining custom channel before the standard ones, screwing up anything. This happens when you sue a custom channel 'cuz ACE2 doesn't handle delayed channel joining. The obvious solution is to do the channel join in the right place, i.e., not...
File: FuBar - FactionsFu12-23-06
About what I was looking for... mis...
Posted By: Arzach
About what I was looking for... missing only one thing. It would be possible to add total reputation gains from "start" of session ? Something like Reputation Monitor (old standalone mod), with a +xxx from login. Useful when you're farming rep. Cheers, [email protected]
File: Saeris's LootLink12-18-06
Originally posted by Saeris Hello...
Posted By: Arzach
Originally posted by Saeris Hello folks. I'll have fixes and replies for you all by sixteen hours from now. Tomorrow should also bring version 7.3.0, which includes the bot autoresponse functionality. I don't have the time to address all issues right now, but I will speak of the one which I view as the most imperative. Currently...
File: Saeris's LootLink12-14-06
serious issue with tab completion
Posted By: Arzach
the tab completion is a good idea, but it breaks the reply system. You cannot anyomore use tab to switch between past tells, so it's kinda boggling the reply mechamism. One solution would be to enable LL tab functions ONLY if there is a preceding non-matched "http://www.wowace.com/wiki/AceTab-2.0 for some ideas
File: Saeris's LootLink12-14-06
Error with Auctioneer
Posted By: Arzach
Duno if it's LL or Auctioneer (http://www.auctioneeraddon.com/), anyway, I'm sending a bug report to both. When both are active at start you get an error: Error occured in: Stubby Count: 1 Message: Compile error on LootLinkItemButton_OnEnter() Not a valid function Debug: Stubby\Stubby.lua:348: Stubby\Stubby.lua:...