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File: Rachen's UI - Shadow Preist07-16-11
Why is it not posible to download?...
Posted By: ztirf
Why is it not posible to download? :confused:
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)05-28-11
How to change it to EU instead of US?
Posted By: ztirf
Originally posted by demonjoker hi folks, I basicly made an account becouze of the addon, ive stumbled upon it after watching a bear tank movie on youtube, the UI looked so amazing, i decided to dl it, wich i did..........little did i know the files changed my "location" from EU to US, no i'm wondering is there any EZ way to get...
File: EoUI04-25-11
Looks really awesome, good job! B...
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Looks really awesome, good job! But is there any chance that this UI will work with 1920x1080 widescreen? Cheers :banana: Edit: It's working great with 1920x1080, however there is some small issues. how is it posible to move the cast bar, and targets cast bar? Does not seems like there is any config options or is it just me?