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File: Rune Pack08-23-12
I am spacing out now when I try to...
Posted By: loldotcom
I am spacing out now when I try to think of the Rune changes, but mostly it was just some haste/Runic Empowerment changes to how much you regen when RE procs. Depending on how the mod tracked how fast the runes had to move, maybe it'll still work fine? Thank you though, for working with this mod for the years that you did :)...
File: Rune Pack07-26-12
any plans for this mod going forwar...
Posted By: loldotcom
any plans for this mod going forward in Mists? I raid in a fairly hardcore guild and use this mod. Having to get used to another rune mod may just ruin my life :P
File: AffinityUI12-26-11
Copied over the Paladin set of aura...
Posted By: loldotcom
Copied over the Paladin set of auras, though when I use a CD, the icon doesn't stay faded out behind the timer... it just disappears? I looked over the aura setting for all the various cooldowns, and I have no idea why the icon isn't just lowering in opacity and the timer appearing on top of it. Also, is there a chance for a cu...
File: Rune Pack04-26-11
4.1 update?
Posted By: loldotcom
Any chance of a 4.1 update for the new Frost DK rune change. Unless I'm doing something wrong, seems to play tricks with the addon.