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File: KuiNameplates05-11-11
Any chance you can tell me what fil...
Posted By: OutofStep
Any chance you can tell me what file and lines of code to edit to change the cast bar color - empty and full/filling? I don't mind where it is or how it works at all, its just that I can barely see it.
File: KuiNameplates04-29-11
Skull icon?
Posted By: OutofStep
http://feuros.com/bar.jpg In the default health bars there is a skull to represent raid bosses, which seems to be missing. All I see is "??b" instead of a skill icon, is that fixable?
File: KuiNameplates04-27-11
Default color
Posted By: OutofStep
Do you think you could add in the ability for people to set/change the default hostile and non-hostile colors as well as the agro colors? EDIT: Nevermind, I'll just edit the LUA file. Thanks!