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File: RealUI05-04-12
Is there a better place to ask ques...
Posted By: Kroann
Is there a better place to ask questions about this UI?
File: RealUI05-02-12
Hey I also wanted to post and say t...
Posted By: Kroann
Hey I also wanted to post and say that my chatboxes are out of place. I tried a fresh install and deleted my old interface/WTF/Cache folder but they are still messed up. Any idea how to fix this?
File: RealUI05-02-12
Hey man, just downloaded the UI and...
Posted By: Kroann
Hey man, just downloaded the UI and so far I am blow away. I do have a question however. I would like to customize my buff filters in raven but right now I see no way to view your current filter list? Any ideas?
File: Duffed UI v509-16-11
Change healthbar texture.
Posted By: Kroann
How do I go about changing the healthbar texture? The default ones look all blotchy for some reason.
File: Duffed UI v506-28-11
@ liquidbase
Posted By: Kroann
Hey liquidbase, it looks like you are keeping things alive with this amazing UI. I am just wondering if you are officially the new author and if you plan on continuing? I would hate to move on to another UI, but if I know that this one will be of comission in the near future, I may be further off moving on. Thanks for the re...
File: Duffed UI v506-01-11
Hey, I am having trouble picking ou...
Posted By: Kroann
Hey, I am having trouble picking out targets in combat with the nameplates. In combat they all fade out the same. I thought before that your targets name remained yellow or something? Is there any way to distinguish your target via nameplates in combat? Mabey have it not fade out, or something similar?
File: Duffed UI v505-11-11
Hank leaving wow?
Posted By: Kroann
Hey Hank, I have heard that you may be leaving wow? Any truth to this? Would be a shame to lose such an amazing UI, and helpful author.
File: Capping04-30-11
Hey, I am having trouble with setti...
Posted By: Kroann
Hey, I am having trouble with setting the anchor and growth direction (up / down). Any suggestions?
File: Duffed UI v504-28-11
Originally posted by mrruben5 Hi...
Posted By: Kroann
Originally posted by mrruben5 Hi Duffed, Thanks for the update :) I added some stuff to the api function "FontString". If you are using a pixelfont, the best way to see them is by using MONOCHROME,OUTLINE. So I changed two functions for this: (in api.lua and functions.lua) local function FontString(parent, name, fontName, fo...
File: Duffed UI v504-27-11
Posted By: Kroann
Hey guys. Ever since 4.1 my nameplates no longer work, and there is an error with the raid and party frames. I am using pixel font with the nameplates if that makes a difference.