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File: Skaarj UI05-09-11
Posted By: Kait
File: Skaarj UI05-05-11
Re: Healer / 25man raid?
Posted By: Kait
Originally posted by smancho Any plans on doing it Healer/25man Raid Usable? I'm running Skaarj UI edited for 25 man heroics raiding. If you are interested I can send it to you ;)
File: Skaarj UI04-28-11
This UI is not entirely broken....
Posted By: Kait
This UI is not entirely broken. I posted a fix for ouf_freeb in the comments of ouf_freeb and there is an update available for TinyDPS and Wanderlust. The only thing still left is the combat text which I didn't even notice until someone told me.
File: oUF_Freeb04-28-11
To fix this addon for 4.1: Find:...
Posted By: Kait
To fix this addon for 4.1: Find: elseif (u == "pet") and GetPetHappiness() then Replace with: -- elseif (u == "pet") and GetPetHappiness() then Find: return hex(oUF.colors.happiness) Replace with: -- return hex(oUF.colors.happiness)