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File: Healerbuttons 305-19-09
sorry, i dont have any line numbers...
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sorry, i dont have any line numbers, i fixed it awhile ago, but it is from the default install with what ever is automatically assigned to the button. i will attempt to back up my config and start from scratch again and watch for the line number.
File: Healerbuttons 305-16-09
by the way, this still works great...
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by the way, this still works great and i appreciate the efforts that you did put into it.
File: Healerbuttons 305-16-09
The errors with button 4 seem to be...
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The errors with button 4 seem to be from spells assigned that do not exist, i fixed mine by binding nothing to l r m on button 4 and then binding the spells i wanted.
File: Healerbuttons 310-19-08
Still working! Thanks
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I was so relieved when WOW fired up after the patch and HB was still working without issues, this saves me a lot of of bar space and makes is so much easier to heal on my priest and druid. Thanks again for an awesome mod! Lyradis of Bloodscalp
File: Healerbuttons 308-31-08
Thank You
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Just a note to express my gratitude for this addon, I use it on my priest and being that I know nothing of coding, I appreciate your hard work, I'm sure a lot of people do, but we do not usually create an account just to express our gratitude. This addon is very useful and handy, it adds a lot to my enjoyment of the game. Thanks ag...
File: HealerButtons01-11-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Maybe (NOT?)
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Originally posted by Slona thanks for the suggestion - i gave it a try... HB was loaded - the enable & side commands did get confirmed. but no buttons showed up next to my player frame (x-perl 2.1.6). just to be sure, i deleted my SavedVariables too - same result :confused: i removed all my other mods too - only x-perl an...
File: TransporterFu09-27-06
I am getting this same error and I...
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I am getting this same error and I copied all the ace libs from another mod and it did not help Originally posted by Naiji Getting an error that some library is missing. I think it was "Ace 2.0 Debug" or something?
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu08-20-06
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leather working shows up as fishing, i had to edit this release and the previous one to fix this, the text is wrong, it still opens up leatherworking.