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File: Raid Invite Organizer07-10-12
Minimap Button Fix
Posted By: Konungr
This addon does not appear to be updated since 2010, and I noticed that the minimap button wasn't working. Whether because it was because I was using another addon, or outdated code, I do not know. But I fixed it for myself and then found out another person couldn't get the minimap button to work so I decided to upload my edited vers...
File: MoveAnything05-12-12
Posted By: Konungr
It would be the most amazing thing in the world if y'all could create an LDB for this. I have LDB support in my ElvUI and if I could have one for my most favorite addon, I would be ecstatic. Left Click: Opens the MoveAnything Frame Right Click: Opens FrameStack You get many UberDuberSuperAwesomeWickedCool Points!!!!!
File: SLDataText07-17-11
More Currency Trackers
Posted By: Konungr
So if I wanted to create multiple Currency tracking modules could I just create copies of the Currency Modules and rename it and that create extra modules to show on my screen my currencies?
File: GnomishVendorShrinker06-28-11
@ Taryble Thank you so much, I w...
Posted By: Konungr
@ Taryble Thank you so much, I was wondering if there would be a fix/update.
File: GnomishVendorShrinker05-23-11
I am no good with LUA. What would I...
Posted By: Konungr
I am no good with LUA. What would I have to change in the code in which files to make it to where the currency for all the items is a High Strata, since I use special frames within the Interface and on some vendors, like the Blacksmithing Vendors, the currency requirements are not shown.
File: SLDataText05-16-11
Re: Re: SLDT - Currencies
Posted By: Konungr
Originally posted by suicidalkatt Open up this file: SLDataText>Elements>Currencies.lua Look for line 283: if (not isHeader) then ...change it to this: if (not isHeader) and (not isUnused) then Dude, you are awesome.
File: SLDataText05-16-11
SLDT - Currencies
Posted By: Konungr
Is there a way to hide certain Currencies on the Tooltip, for instance I have all of the Wrath of the Lich King/Dalaran Currencies put to "Unused" on the Character Tab. Is there a way that that "Unused" setting could also be used to hide those particular currencies on the SLDT tooltip for it?