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File: AffinityUI09-14-12
Hi Affi, Really thanks for this...
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Hi Affi, Really thanks for this pack, you did a good job ;-). I would like your WeakAuras Set on your Resto Druid is it possible? if yes can you copy it on pastebin.com? Thanks in advance. Would really appreciate this as well! (I tried using your previous Power Auras config, but the addon is no longer maintained post patc...
File: AffinityUI03-26-12
I like you UI, Aff! I'm having a p...
Posted By: jerm174
I like you UI, Aff! I'm having a problem with the power auras. When I'm in disc spec, it shows the holy CDs; when im in holy spec, it shows the disc CDs.
File: Skaarj UI06-29-11
Re: main action bar
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Originally posted by zagdush The main action bar is not visible in 4.2. All other action bars are. Anyone else seeing this issue? Yep I'm having this issue too.