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File: Cross Guild Chat11-09-10
So finally got this to work. I was...
Posted By: Sunicro
So finally got this to work. I was able to switch to other toons in the the guild and each could hit connect and speak cross guild. However it was noticed that only the GM in the other guild could see what I typed and I could see nothing of Guild Chat form teh otehr guild with the exception of the GM. This suggests that only those wi...
File: Cross Guild Chat11-08-10
So we tried this again last night....
Posted By: Sunicro
So we tried this again last night. We got in the same group, in the same town standing right next to each other. White listed each other (Case Sensitive). Generate link, sent link. I get the pop-up if he sends it to me and accept. He does not get a pop up from me. There is never a second pop-up after hitting accept, is there suppose...
File: Cross Guild Chat11-07-10
No Pop-up for acceptance
Posted By: Sunicro
Just tried this and nothing we do seems to give a pop-up to accept the link. Is the something additional we need to install? there is also no instructions file to explain the use of the White List. Seems like it is just those GM's you have linked with, but some explination would be helpful. Look forward to this working.
File: CombustionHelper10-19-10
Couple of items
Posted By: Sunicro
Just tried this add-on last night and noticed a couple of problems. 1. Get a chat message that it is disabled if combustion not detected, IE switched to another spec, however widow still shows up in combat even though I am in Arc Spec. Currently set to hide out of combat and suspect this is overriding the disable option. 2. Sel...
File: NugComboBar10-17-10
Posted By: Sunicro
Is it possible to add Frostfire for Mages, it is a stack to 3 spell (Assuming they are Glph-ed for it) and would be great to have the visual.
File: EveryQuest12-28-09
Abandon Quest
Posted By: Sunicro
Just found a weird problem. With EveryQuest installed, the Abandon Quest button on the quest log is un-clickable. Think it has something to do with the button you added to the quest log to pull up EveryQuest.
File: GupPet12-28-09
Posted By: Sunicro
I love this mod, especially the part where I can cast slow fall on my mage when I am falling. Is there a way to have it do the same with levitate on Priests.
File: Give Me04-30-09
New Buff Food
Posted By: Sunicro
The new Buff food from the Artisan Cooking Quest, Clamlette Magnifique isn't recognized by the macro. Just a heads up. Thanks
File: Give Me04-22-09
I have noticed that the Mount Macro...
Posted By: Sunicro
I have noticed that the Mount Macro will not work if you in an area that is by default a flight area and you do not own a flying mount. It will not summon a ground mount of any kind. It a minor problem but since I am hearthed to Shattrath, I have to manual summon a riding mount to run around, just thought I would let you know in case...
File: Altoholic04-16-09
Pet support
Posted By: Sunicro
I like that you added the pet support, but have a request, either wrap the text like in Petshop for a cleaner tool tip or give us the option to turn off individual items in the tool tip. Actually any item that goes to a tool tip should wrap when possible, why write could be or already on every line. Also would it be possible...
File: Skillet04-13-09
Is it possible to add craftable cou...
Posted By: Sunicro
Is it possible to add craftable count based off of Guild Bank Inventories? Possibly make it selectable so those that don't want to see the count or can't have access to items in the Guild Bank can turn it off. Or at a minimum, have the shopping list pop up at the Guild Bank also. Not optimal, but would be a nice work around....
File: ArmorCraft (Fan Update)04-13-09
Would it be possible to add Enchant...
Posted By: Sunicro
Would it be possible to add Enchanting and Glyph support? Even if the enchanting window was just a list of current equipment, the ability to push the AC button and get the full list of enchant able gear would be huge. And would be really great if it could make suggestions, like the other crafts. For Glyphs I was thinking you...