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File: OneBag302-07-07
new version on wowace
Posted By: Netgyrl
hi guys ... i found new versions of all the one bag mods here http://files.wowace.com/ looks like they were updated/posted on 1/29/07
File: FuBar - QuestsFu02-07-07
excellent new features
Posted By: Netgyrl
I just wanted to thank you Kemayo! i love this mod - i have replaced Uberquest with it and i'm happy as a clam. Especially with the progress announcements in chat. I used to have Quest Announce and really missed it and you have no idea how delighted i was to see that feature added here. Bravo! Thanks!
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu12-13-06
Chance of an update?
Posted By: Netgyrl
I really miss this mod in AV... are there plans to update it for 2.0?
File: OneBag312-09-06
Re: OneBank
Posted By: Netgyrl
how are you guys even getting this to load? i'm reduced to using vBagnon (i hate it) but i hate the default bag even more. please tell me there is gonna be an official 2.0 version of Onebag/Onebank/Oneview.... i'm miss them so....
File: MetaMap04-06-06
Re: Re: Map Switching problem
Posted By: Netgyrl
Originally posted by MetaHawk It may not be a map related addon as such. You would not class 'Speedometer' as a map related program, yet it still messes with the map to get player coords. Look at the FAQ here to see the known list of addons that cause this. If not, then disable ALL other addons, then enable them one by one to see w...
File: MetaMap04-05-06
Map Switching problem
Posted By: Netgyrl
hi metahawk... i have the map switching problem too. I have the latest ver of Gatherer but dont have it loading at this time. The only other map program - if it is even one is FuBar location (formerly Boss Panel). However turning it off does not fix the problem. My friend has the same set up as me and is not have any issues with...
File: FuBar 3.6.503-16-06
Posted By: Netgyrl
Can someone point me there to look/read up on how the set Profiles to use with Boss Panel? thanks a bunch!