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File: SliceCommander10-27-13
other class(es)
Posted By: keitocorp
Dear author, I've had the pleasure of enjoying your addon on my rogue for quite some time and i like it allot. Now i know i'll be asking the impossible, but, might it be possible to alter the addon so that it also includes other classes? I was looking through the code and i think it wouldn't require a complete overhaul but im n...
File: bdBuffs05-07-11
I found out the problem. I think it...
Posted By: keitocorp
I found out the problem. I think it stopped working pre 4.1 but anyway, all i had to do was change the following line: local mult = 768/string.match(GetCVar("gxResolution"), "%d+x(%d+)")/GetCVar("uiScale") to: local mult = 768/string.match(GetCVar("gxResolution"), "%d+x(%d+)")/UIParent:GetScale() And now bbuff loads again when...
File: SmellyPowerBar05-07-11
Posted By: keitocorp
Does this addon save its position somewhere? I know i can set it in the LUA file, but does it save it somewhere? Also, the problem that the bar disapears right after you unlock it still exists. But a very awesome addon, many thx for it!
File: bdBuffs05-06-11
reload required
Posted By: keitocorp
Since patch 4.0.6 i've been using this addon with great joy, many thanks for that. Though i've come across a little problem. I did a few changed to the appearance of the buffs but every time i start wow, the addon doesnt load. (i have to do a reload in order for it to work) i get the following error: 1x bBuff\bBuffs.lua:14: at...