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Re: Re: Player debuffs not showing
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Originally posted by Xus The problem is simple: I've currently only added 'Arcane Blast' to this category for Mages, because it's related to dps. So it really doesn't have the functionality as on the Cooldown Timer at the moment. I'm sorry that I don't make this clear anywhere at the moment. For every spell type I will add a list o...
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Player debuffs not showing
Posted By: Flayneld
Thanks so much for making this amazing addon! I need help. I can't, for the life of me (well, after several hours of tinkering), figure out how to show debuffs on myself under spell timers (it shows up fine on my cooldown timers). The option to show "debuffs on me" under "buffs/debuffs (on me only)" is checked. I've tried disab...