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File: LUI v2.0 - Zak Edition04-29-10
Changing fonts
Posted By: z3n
Hi Hared, is there any way to change the default font for your UI, especially for Pitbull's target name? Tried /fx and change the default font config there, but it did not work
File: LUI v2.0 - Zak Edition04-27-10
Re: Lag from UI
Posted By: z3n
Originally posted by thelazypeon this mod lags me like hell in Dalaran and some other places. The original LUI did not. I have a great computer and usually run at 50-60+ fps in Dalaran. 130+ everywhere else. Anytime I am in Dalaran now I have 12-16 fps. Turn off the UI, I am back to normal. Not sure if it's the scale or w...
File: Sage UnitFrames07-01-06
Error on login...
Posted By: z3n
targettarget.lua:80: attempt to call global `STargetManaBar_Update' (a nil value) I got this error on login and ToT frame doesn't show up at all, any idea why is that? :confused: I'm using simplified chinese client here, only installed Sage, Sage_Options, Sage_Party, and Sage_TargetOfTarget. I'm using MoogHUD, so I don't need...
File: PerfectRaid04-30-06
Viewing group numbers?
Posted By: z3n
is there any way to show the group numbers in PRaid? or at least put a gap between groups? i know we can sort it by group, but sometimes i need to know in which group someone belongs to great work already, not as much useful as ctra in pve, but perfect enough to use in pvp! i love it! :D