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File: TTSpellTimer04-07-06
Re: Re: Re: Results of testing.
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Originally posted by Revo in necrosis.xml(i recommend you use necrosis lite) delete the reference to spelltimer.lua or what ever its called. viola no timers. I'd updated to the latest TTimers, but it still doesn't show everything else works like the raid notification ect but not the time window =/ I'll try to go edit that :( .....
File: TTSpellTimer04-05-06
Re: Results of testing.
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Awesome ! Seems like you fixed all issues with it ! :D If only i could get rid of the spell timer on Necrosis which is using up all my memory ... hehe. Great job and i hope to see it being updated each time a patch comes out :D
File: TTSpellTimer04-04-06
Re: TTSpellTimer Updated
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Originally posted by twig314159 I've posted another update for TTSpellTimer. This should correct all the consistancy problems that people have been having since WoW patch 1.10. If you are still having problems with this latest version, please try the following steps. If following these steps fails to get the timer working for...
File: TTSpellTimer04-01-06
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Tried it yesterday at our Nefarian and the only thing that displayed filling up my screen was curse of elements. I had to /console reloadui to get rid of it. Messages that i edited didnt work :( (summons, soulstones and such...) I know you said it wasnt working entirely in raids but before patch it was working sometimes ->...
File: TTSpellTimer03-29-06
This is not working as of 1.10 :(...
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This is not working as of 1.10 :( Will there be an update soon ? It was awesome...
File: Bongos203-25-06
Looks promising... really
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I will try that one... hopefully it wont go in conflict with some other mods im using (no interface changes in mine) I was looking for something that you could customise and this looks like it could be IT ! Hopefully no scripting required and easy setup ... Downloading tonight ;)
File: TTSpellTimer03-25-06
Great mod ! Well ... most of it :)
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Great mod ! Really helps to know when a banish is about to end (supposedly at least) or when a soulstone is done :rolleyes: If only it worked in raids :( ... kinda buggy at times and some dots are not showing at all or just once in a while. But while soloing it works great :D