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File: Bongos212-12-06
Can't seem to page directly to bars 7-10
Posted By: Joker5
Before 2.0, I was able to bind my numpad keys to the action bars for paging (bars 1-6 are in the standard blizz key bindings, 7-10 I thought i did through bongos). Somehow, I could page through all 10 bars. Now I only can page through the six normal blizz bars. I can still see bars 7-10 in bongos and can switch to them via stances...
File: Bongos211-16-06
Beginner's Question
Posted By: Joker5
I'm in the market for a bar mod. The way I play my toons, I use the number pad to pull up whichever bar I want to see and I cast from the numbers above the letter keys. 100% typing. I'm currently using the CT bottom bar mod to remove all parts of the bottom configuration except the main action bar. What I'd like to do is replace...
File: SmartBuff10-09-06
Not checking buff status before cast, after queue
Posted By: Joker5
It seems like once the mod has decided that a buff event needs to happen, it will get cast on the next qualifying event no matter what. The 'What' in this case is if the person who needs the buff gets it before SmartBuff casts it. Example: Lets say that the party's Fort buff is within a few seconds of expiring. SmartBuff notice...
File: MetaMap06-25-06
Noticed that in map mode 1 (i think...
Posted By: Joker5
Noticed that in map mode 1 (i think it's 1 anyway--the larger of the two modes) that right-clicking doesn't back up all the way to the world map showing both continents. I have to switch to the other mode to get that to happen. -Joker