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File: Karni's Crap Filter09-20-12
Patch 5.0.x
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I've used this for a long time and it worked fine in Cataclysm for me. It stopped working now at 5.0, it no longer loots or deletes anything.
File: AuctionLite06-28-12
selling with AuctionLite
Posted By: agardin3
Hi. I've been using AL for a long time. It has been very helpful. Some suggestions for the sell tab: * Being able to disable some of the coin fields (with 6-4-2-1 buttons on the tab itself). Most of the time I only fill in buyout-gold field, and the rest should be zero and bid same as buyout. The choices would be 6,4,2 or 1 field...
File: HerbivOre09-19-11
I found that after Thorium, so Fel...
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I found that after Thorium, so Fel Iron and up, the levels haven't changed. Copper is also unchanged :) at least it's orange value. Dark Iron has also not changed, still 230. Tin Vein 50 Bronze 50 Smelted, not mined Silver Vein 65 Iron Deposit 100 Gold Vein 115 Steel 125 Smelted, not mined Mit...
File: HerbivOre09-19-11
I saw the wowpedia.org/herb page ha...
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I saw the wowpedia.org/herb page has a few extra filled in fields for some highlevel herbs. Instead of showing levels in tooltip you could dynamically color the numbers in the primary window according to current herbalism level. Although adding it in the tooltip allows for planning ahead.
File: HerbivOre09-14-11
Hi, I was looking around for a s...
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Hi, I was looking around for a site that showed new 4.2 values but that took a while. The herbs page of wowwiki has been updated for 4.2 I saw: http://www.wowwiki.com/Herb complete with orange, yellow, green, grey values and zones. Goldthorn was 170 now 150, bruiseweed was 100 now 85. (examples) This page shows new values...
File: HerbivOre06-07-11
You could show in the list of area'...
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You could show in the list of area's where you can find the herb/ore, whether it is abundant or not there. Firebloom is very abundant in SG, I found. So in the Firebloom infopane you could colorize SG yellow and put in on top.
File: HerbivOre05-15-11
Hi, I just installed this after...
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Hi, I just installed this after trying broker_herbtraining (which doesnt seem to work and needs data showing addon like fortress). Instead of just the red numbers that tell the needed skill, you could show orange/yellow/green/grey level for each herb and ore. Or you could provide those when you hover for extra details. This w...