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File: HixxyUI (scales to fit widscreen)02-15-12
Lied about Fits to screen
Posted By: fallen1011
before you ask. yes i have done what the instructions say, and ive done over 37 ui's. your ui however is so misrepresented, my screen is 1920X1080, you ui everything is shifted down and or off screen, nothing is how its supposed to be even after checking to make sure its the right profiles. sure the ui is nice, but does not fit like...
File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-31-11
Posted By: fallen1011
i have a question about this party thing that comes at the top, when u join a party or raid u get the names with green bars etc, why cant that be moved!? will we be able to move that in the future??? also...why does the health go oposite then the normal way? can we please have an option to change this??? like left to right instead of...
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.12-29-11
omg jizzical ui
Posted By: fallen1011
could u please add an update to this ui it is very amazing it has everything i need, i just would have to make an adjustment for healer specific i see this is dps specific but this is amazing
File: Bati's UI12-29-11
ruined ui....
Posted By: fallen1011
i cried when i saw u ruined this ui, i saw a picture of what this ui used to look llike and it was so much better then what this looks like now, do you still have the old version? this makes me sad to see it go. this is the one i saw http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/5822/wowscrnshot010310170819.jpg http://img85.imageshack.us...
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)05-16-11
something seriously wrong
Posted By: fallen1011
hey Towelliee something is super wrong with this addon ui, i do exactly as the video, and then i launch wow and it sets me back to the 1 setup 2 available 3 playable screen and it downloads stuff....THEN when i login after all that, the UI is NOT setup like shown in the video no even close....whats wrong!?!