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File: GuildBOT!06-07-11
Posted By: Myke916
if you are having a problem with guildbot not reading your commands, download the "nc" version, this should resolve any issues you are having with guildbot. but if the color codes work fine for you (could be different from people who have patched up from previous versions rather than installing CATA new?!) go ahead and use the color...
File: WoW UI Designer05-25-11
This program is AWESOME! some feedback...
Posted By: Myke916
I used to Just PLAY WOW, now I DESIGN WOW.... its way cool... but i found a few bugs in the app, and also have some great ideas that it should feature... at first it was kinda difficult, but now its like i know exactly what im doing... just like visual basic... kinda... i was wondering thou, is there anyway to access /SAVEDVARI...
File: GuildBOT!05-23-11
Massive update planned
Posted By: Myke916
doing a massive update as we speak.... might take a few days... adding this functionality, no new data just gears: --add Guildmaster detection, give priority to GM over officers, Give officers priority over Members. --if other users are using guildbot dissable and check queue for online update status -- disable guildmaster $GM...