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File: Stagger07-11-15
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I was looking for a light addon for my monk, so I found this. Looks very good. But as soon as I start combat, there are some errors: Date: 2015-07-12 02:52:08 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: Stagger Count: 734 Message: Note: AddOn Stagger attempted to call a protected function (:Show()) during combat lockdown. Deb...
File: ForteXorcist09-04-11
I want to track the CD of my Metamo...
Posted By: Xerxes13
I want to track the CD of my Metamorphosis, but when I configure it in the settings (Cooldown Bar) it only tracks the buff duration, not the Cooldown of the Spell (xy seconds left) How can I change this ?
File: ForteXorcist05-31-11
Originally posted by Viceversa wi...
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Originally posted by Viceversa with the latest beta build you linked, cooldowns such as haunt and hand of gul'dan seem to snap back and increase their cooldown when they are actually off cooldown. Seems to only happen when there is less than 10 seconds left on the cooldown bar. I have a similar problem. I think in 1.975 the GC...