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File: LilSparky's Workshop11-08-12
Posted By: Nectarin
Hi, thanks for making this great addon!! I was wondering if there's any chance to make it possible to use auctiondb scans for the pricing? Seeing as it's possible to have that automated download of auctiondb through the use of tradeskillmaster. If it's possible, please tell me how :)
File: Duffed UI V604-19-12
Character screen lost its skin
Posted By: Nectarin
Hi, see the screenshot on The character screen has lost its skinning - and its the only window that has that problem. Any ideas?
File: Duffed UI V603-10-12
Combat text
Posted By: Nectarin
Hi and thanks for continuing and improving this UI. Great job!! Hopefully you can answer this real fast and easy: How do I turn off the combat text? See screenshot - I want this gone :) Thanks in advance!