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File: ForteXorcist08-28-16
Re: Siphon Life are not been tracked
Posted By: nokz
Playing as affliction in this pre-patch i notice siphon life are not getting tracked, why? Thank you very much! :) I don't know much about Lua but i fixed that problem for a friend recently, so there you go: here Copy Warlock.lua to "*/AddOns/Forte_Class/Warlock" and replace the old one. "Changlog" *fixed Drain Soul Sp...
File: Aurora08-14-16
Tradeskill reagent icons are somewh...
Posted By: nokz
Tradeskill reagent icons are somewhat bugged. First time i log onto a character all reagent icons are black squares. After /reloadui all icons are fine. pretty strange.
File: Aurora: Missing Textures08-14-16
Found just one: Demonhunter Icon in...
Posted By: nokz
Found just one: Demonhunter Icon in GuildFrame. As a workaround I deleted *\Glues\CHARACTERCREATE\UI-CHARACTERCREATE-CLASSES.blp to force the original WoW icons.
File: SexyCooldown 2 - FAN UPDATE11-23-14
Hi there, is there any chance to ge...
Posted By: nokz
Hi there, is there any chance to get a icon for each cooldown charge? Currently the CD is only displayed if both charges are on CD(in my case Survival Instincts on Druid). As always thanks for keeping this alive :D
File: SexyCooldown 2 - FAN UPDATE02-12-14
Show Cooldowns below 3 secs
Posted By: nokz
As a Prot Pally my Crusader Strike CD is below 3 seconds, only problem is that somehow the addon doesn't show spell CDs below 3 seconds. I tried to change the minDuration lua part but that doesnt done anything :( got somebody a fix for that?