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File: BindingsReminder01-19-11
Re: I made a new keyboard layout (Hungarian)
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Originally posted by 3ICE Hi, I made a keyboard layout template usable with BindingsReminder for the few Hungarians who play wow. Screenshots are worth a thousand words: http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/8830/qwertzname.png http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/2056/qwertz.png (This post is 2163 words long in theory!) Code: 3...
File: OhSnap12-03-09
Originally posted by Orangemilk I...
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Originally posted by Orangemilk I registered just so I could say Thank You for this mod. It is precisely what I have been looking for. I logged in just to say your mod sucks and bring you down a notch.
File: ScreenSaver08-20-09
I approve this addon.
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I approve this addon.
File: CurrencyTracker04-16-09
Originally posted by Mikma It's a...
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Originally posted by Mikma It's a LDB, and I don't know what's wrong with DockingStation + this addon :o It's because you suck at coding. :p
File: BindingsReminder01-10-09
Does this addon work in 3.0? Thank...
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Does this addon work in 3.0? Thanks :D
File: Grep07-22-08
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I don't exactly understand. What gets put in ChatFrame3 and in what format? Is that the .text value from the LDB objects? How often does it update? What if an object is a launcher only, what does it present then? Thanks, Josh
File: BindingsReminder06-20-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Integrate with Spellbinder
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Originally posted by Tomacco_Boy The new update still doesnt work with mybindings2, i have tested it on one toon shall test on a few more soon. And thank you for adding mybinding2 support, its greatly appreciated. :D what does it do? does it not open when you open mybindings2? it is only set up to work by opening when you c...
File: BindingsReminder06-18-08
Re: Re: Re: Integrate with Spellbinder
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Originally posted by Tomacco_Boy At the moment your addon doesnt show up when i have mybindings2 enabled, i would like to see it work along side with mybindings2 if possible. now opens when you click the keybinds option in the game menu. did not add support for opening when myBindings2 opens, will consider it for the future
File: BindingsReminder04-21-08
It takes some hackery to get the dv...
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It takes some hackery to get the dvorak layout configured. I figured there were like a total of 5 people who used dvorak and of those 5 people none would actually download :-P Try uncommenting the last line in dvorak.lua
File: TradeTabs04-17-08
Originally posted by Hotcooler
Originally posted by Hotcooler Changed it and it worked. So. TradeTabs.toc must look like that to order to work in 2.4 It doesn't HAVE to have 20400 as the Interface version. If it has any number like 2XXXX it will try to load in WoW if you have the "Load out of date addons" checkbox checked. It can be found in the uppe...
File: BindingsReminder04-14-08
Re: Integrate with Spellbinder
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Originally posted by Tomacco_Boy If its possible, could you please add support for myBindings2. http://files.wowace.com/myBindings2/myBindings2-r69499.zip How would you have me add support for it? What would my support do? Originally posted by Manaman I have an idea for an improvement on your mod: Allow people to bind...
File: BindingsReminder04-13-08
Originally posted by Broh There i...
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Originally posted by Broh There is a Description. Use a braincell... its pretty clear to me what it does. It doesn't require a wall of text to explain it. here let me explain the description I read: It is a simple display of your keyboard that highlights (in red I believe) what keys you have bound to something. It appar...
File: Ludwig12-27-07
Re: Re: Not saving linked items
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Originally posted by Tuller Enchant links aren't currently handled by Ludwig, since they work differently than items. well hurry up and make it so!
File: LegoBlock12-11-07
you can join us on IRC if you want...
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you can join us on IRC if you want to have a real time discussion with many different coders. you can also PM me here if you have specific questions, more than happy to help
File: LegoBlock12-08-07
sure can, just call LegoBlock:New()...
Posted By: JoshBorke
sure can, just call LegoBlock:New() again and you'll get a second lego block, you can have as many as you want. There's a Lego Addon on the LegoBlock SVN that lets you create as many blocks as you want for testing.
File: LegoBlock12-05-07
This doesn't do anything by itself,...
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This doesn't do anything by itself, it's just a simple framework/library to make it easier to create these information blocks --edit check out the API page for the API look at TimeBlock or PerfBlock or HasteBlock for examples of mods that use LegoBlock
File: LootTracker10-08-07
Re: C stack overflow errors
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Originally posted by Greymalkin I also get these errors. The tracker frame will not show if i have any set checked to show. Tested with all other addons disabled except BugCatcher but it still occurs. Also, deleted my Loot Tracker saved variables. There was a C stack overflow from the start but once i added sets again it went b...
File: NazGuildWelcomer08-28-07
Originally posted by rodrick
Originally posted by rodrick to each his own I guess. This saves me 7 keystrokes per guildie, though probably took more to learn how to do even a simple addon than to write it over and over. That does not make it any less heartfelt, actually more so since I don't want to miss someone just because I was inattentive to the...
File: Transforuid07-06-07
local _, class = UnitClass('player'...
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local _, class = UnitClass('player') if class ~= "DRUID" then return end local getForm = GetShapeshiftForm local form = getForm(true) local f = CreateFrame('Frame') f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_AURAS_CHANGED") f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(frame, event, ...) local cur = getForm(true) if form ~= cur then PlaySou...
File: LootTracker06-20-07
Re: Trouble with the tracker
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Originally posted by wowowee Trying this addon out, setting up sets and items was easy enough, however, trying to get the LootTracker to display the items/sets wasn't working. Tried a bunch of stuff from hiding, showing, locking, and unlocking. Reset the config didn't work, and when i tried to resetCache i got an error. Maybe it...
File: mumble06-19-07
i really like this mod but i'm havi...
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i really like this mod but i'm having trouble setting it up. would it be possible for your to give it some slash options?!!??11oneone you could use AceConsole then I could use Waterfall/Niagara to configure it :D kthxbai
File: mumble06-19-07
make it 7 users!
Posted By: JoshBorke
make it 7 users!
File: Chippu06-19-07
great mod! any chance you could...
Posted By: JoshBorke
great mod! any chance you could ace this?
File: Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses06-11-07
Originally posted by ReverendD
Originally posted by ReverendD Umm..... What if your afraid of the dark? close your eyes?
File: LootTracker05-18-07
Re: It won't allow me
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Originally posted by andrinne Hi, I just downloaded your software and It won't allow me to "add item". I have successfully created a "set" name http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l80/mistyandmike_2006/WoWScrnShot_051807_123306.jpg , but when I try to add an item in the configuration box it won't show anything up.. http://i93...