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File: Quse UI06-07-13
So i cannot figure out how to move...
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So i cannot figure out how to move it is that in LUA or is there an ingame way?
File: Kynz UI07-26-11
Making some minor adjustments for b...
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Making some minor adjustments for better performance; will add a list of addons used in next upload(sometime after servers get back up). (fyi there is a SS of the interface in the pictures for current)
File: Kynz UI06-20-11
Re: A small issue.
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Originally posted by Cmm Hey there. I have a question, possibly a easy one to answer, but I'm just clueless here. When I try to logg in, there are like 5 different wow attachements and I cant logg in. How do I remove thoose attachements? Or how do I add a new one? First time encountering this problem so Im not sure how to p...