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File: RealUI01-06-12
What's going on with the PVP target...
Posted By: dusf
What's going on with the PVP target buffs in the version for 3.3.0-3.3.5a? I have rechecked using the correct version in other downloads here on Wowinterface but it does not help. If there is some small setting I need to change in SBF perhaps in the targetbuffsmy (although does that not suggest it should only be showing buffs I...
File: Dominos06-26-11
Dominos breaking macro/script due to naming/numbering convention?
Posted By: dusf
Macro/script one which is set to button one of my stealth bar contains the following: /script local localizedClass, englishClass = UnitClass("target"); if (te==0 and (fn(sn)==0 or not fn(sn))) then PickupAction(14); PickupAction(15); end /swapactionbar 1 2 /click ActionButton3 /swapactionbar 1 2 /stopmacro Macro...